Can GERMAGIC Thyme fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (SARS-CoV-2)?


GERMAGIC Thyme has commissioned US EPA regulated and a2La (HOKLAS-MRA) laboratories to perform virucidal tests on “authentic” SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus) and HCoV-229E and has proven to be able to effectively inactivates coronavirus within 1 minute.

How can I acquire GERMAGIC Thyme?


We provide professional GERMAGIC Thyme spraying service. It takes around 2 hours for us to complete spray coating a 50,000 sq. feet area.
To arrange for our spraying service, please WhatsApp 6230 3364 or 9203 6804

GERMAGIC Long-lasting Disinfectant Products are now available at selective PARKnSHOP, or shop online now PARKnSHOP.com

Do I need to clean my table (or other surfaces) before applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


While GERMAGIC Thyme can disinfect microbes on a contaminated surface, the coating is aimed at providing long-term protection. We recommend pre-cleaning the area of application so that our coating can firmly attach onto the desired area instead of debris laying on top of the area.

Should I continue to clean my table after applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


GERMAGIC Thyme is designed to complement and reinforce routine cleaning practice to provide a safe environment between cleanings. We recommend continuing surface cleaning by using a slightly damped cloth soaked with our Coating Reinforcer or with diluted bleach.

I accidently cleaned my table with alcohol/detergent, does it mean my coating is gone?


For professional spraying service, the coating is tested to be durable against alcohol and detergents.

For retail product, to ensure the coating’s continuous disinfection and antibacterial protection, GERMAGIC recommends spraying it again.

Will the coating expire sooner if there is lots of germs on my table?


While GERMAGIC Thyme releases thyme essential oil for disinfection, GERMAGIC Thyme can perform multiple route disinfection and does not rely solely on thyme essential oil. Moreover, we have previously conducted a 6-months experiment with Hong Kong hospitals and found that the partition curtains coated with our antimicrobial coating was able to maintain a more than 99% reduction in microbial count compared to uncoated curtains.

Can I pay less attention to my personal hygiene after applying GERMAGIC Thyme?


Although GERMAGIC Thyme provides long-term protection and reduces the chance of indirect transmission, personal hygiene still needs to be well-maintained. We should wash hands frequently, wear masks, take enough rests, etc., to be fully prepared to fight the pandemic.


How does contact-killing work?


When microbes reaches the surface of the GERMAGIC™ HEPA filters, they come in contact with GERMAGIC™’s contact-killing agents and are eliminated.

How does release-killing work?


GERMAGIC™ encapsulates volatile biocides which are continuously controlled-released into the air. The microbes are eliminated when they come in contact with these volatile biocides in air.

Is anti-adhesion germicidal as well, how does it work?


GERMAGIC™’s anti-adhesion is not germicidal, however it promotes contact-killing as it prevents the surface from being covered. Anti-adhesion was achieved by selecting special encapsulant material which promotes anti-adhesion during formulation stage.


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