GERMAGIC™ Thyme is our second product in the GERMAGIC series. It combines antimicrobial encapsulation with germicidal thyme essential oil for a more long-lasting and durable effect.

Our research team has identified thyme essential oil to be the most potent amongst hundreds of other natural essential oils. Thymol, a terpene from thyme, plays the prominent role in thyme essential oil’s antimicrobial effect.

GERMAGIC™ Thyme is wide spectrum and has been tested against multiple bacteria, fungi and viruses. GERMAGIC Thyme was found to be effective against Feline calicivirus (FCV), a surrogate for Norovirus. As FCV is a small, non-enveloped virus, it is amongst the most resistant to inactivation by disinfection. According to page 2-3 of US EPA’s “Guideline to Registrants: Process for Making Claims Against Emerging Viral Pathogens Not on EPA-Registered Disinfectant Labels”, being able to inactive FCV is equivalent to being able to inactive emerging coronaviruses, i.e. SARS-CoV-2.

GERMAGIC™ Thyme has been verified by third parties to be safe and effective. It is also a Made in Hong Kong Mark product.

Third-Party Test On Germagic™ Thyme

Tested by Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (HKSTC)

Bacteria/Fungi Elimination rate
Aspergillus niger >99.99%
Bacillus cereus >99.99%
Candida albicans >99.99%
Listeria monocytogenes >99.99%
Pseudomonas aeruginosa >99.99%
Trichophyton rubrum >99.99%
Vibrio vulnificus >99.99%

Tested by Eurofins, Australia

Virus Inactivation rate
Measles virus >99.99%
Mumps virus >99.9%
Feline calicivirus >99.99%
Rubella virus >99.9%


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